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      PetroChina > Investor Relations > Corporate Governance Structure


      The Company has always and conscientiously complied with the requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "HKSE"), The New York Stock Exchange, Inc. and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as well as other regulatory requirements, continued to regulate and improve its corporate governance structure and formed shareholders' meetings, a Board of Directors and corresponding special committees, a Supervisory Committee and a management team headed by the President. These bodies coordinate to check and balance the powers of each other as well as to discharge their functions in a regulated manner. The Company has been regulating its internal management and operations in a strict manner in accordance with its Articles of Association, Work Manual of the Board of Directors, Organisation and Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Committee, as well as the Principles for Control and Procedures of Disclosure by the Company. The Company has also provided all the market participants and regulatory authorities with timely, accurate, complete and reliable information of the Company, striving to enhance the company value.

      Articles of association
      Shareholders and shareholders' meetings
      Procedures for Nomination of Directors
      Directors and Board of Directors
      Nomination Committee
      Audit Committee
      Investment and Development Committee
      Evaluation and Remuneration Committee
      Health, Safety and Environment Committee
      The Supervisors and Supervisory Committee
      The mechanism for assessment of performance and for incentive and restrictions
      Disclosure of information and transparency
      The relationship between CNPC and the Company
      Discharge of Duties by Independent Non-executive Directors
      Code of Ethics for Senior Management
      Code of Ethics of Employees of PetroChina Company Limited

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