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    1. petrochina
      PetroChina > About PetroChina > Core Business > Natural Gas and Pipelines
      In 2011,for natural gas marketing, considering the fact of increasing gas import, the Company strengthened the market development and the development of users along the pipelines that were put into operation recently, and optimized the user structure, impelling the domestic market share up to 71.5%. In addition, the construction of backbone pipe network domestically was accelerated, the trunk of Second West-East Gas Pipeline was wholly completed and put into operation, the Central Asia gas was delivered directly to the Pearl River Delta region, and the Zhangshu-Xiangtan branches/trunk formally transmitted gas to Hunan and Hubei. Jiangsu and Dalian LNG projects that we designed and constructed independently were completed and put into operation.



      Domestic Natural Gas & Pipeline Business







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