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    1. petrochina
      PetroChina > Work and Career > Employees Rights

      PetroChina consistently adheres to the concept of “people orientation”. We respect and maintain the legitimate rights of our employees to promote localisation and integration of diverse cultures, and make efforts to solve the problems of great concern to employees. We aim to guarantee that all employees can share in the achievement of corporate development.

      Rights Protection

      PetroChina strictly adheres to the Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China, Labour Contract Law of People’s Republic of China, rules and regulations of the jurisdictions where our shares are listed, and we rigorously fulfill international conventions endorsed by the Chinese government, as well as the laws and regulations of where we carry out our operations. We have established a well-developed employment management system composed of labour contracts, remunerations, insurance and benefits, performance evaluation, reward and penalties, vocational training and vacation. We place a high premium on employee’s interests and make maximum efforts to protect the legitimate rights and interests of current and retired employees in a bid to develop an interest sharing mechanism for the company and the employees with the purpose of creating harmony between the two sides.

      We provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, religion and culture. We strictly prohibit employment and use of child labour and resist all forms of forced labour. Male and female employees enjoy equal rights in the company. Additionally, the Company has always aimed to promote employment of local residents, females and ethnic minorities in an effort to increase job opportunities for local communities.

      Democratic Participation

      Attaching great importance to democratic management, participation and supervision, the Company established trade unions as well as the Democratic Management System and Factory Affairs Publicity System through employee representatives associations, highlighting the key points of the company and improving the democracy in corporate governance. The company and all its affiliates have developed a variety of channels of communication with employees and adhered to democratic procedures, through convening an employee representative congress, democratic discussions, and employee representative meetings. In this way, employees’ opinions were solicited, and employees were encouraged to participate in the company’s operations and management. In addition, the labour coordination mechanism was improved to achieve harmonious labour relations.

      Remuneration and Motivation

      The performance measurement and remuneration system have been further improved, with the aim to build a remuneration structure that can highlight the value and performance of employees in different positions so that every employee can realize their self-worth. In recent years, the company has allocated resources towards employees working in the R&D area, on the frontline and in harsh environments, thereby gradually improving the salary for such positions. The company also widely conducts activities such as selection of employee models, outstanding workers and innovative youth talent to grant spiritual and material rewards to employees.


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